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Pregnancy Massage
Image: Prenatal Massage, Right In Your Own Cozy Home!

Pregnancy Massage in NJ

Prenatal Massage At Your House For Busy Working Mothers-To-Be

It's an incredible time. With Northern and Central New Jersey as its local center, there is a rippling wave of interest concerning pregnancy massage in the Metro NJ/NYC region. Prenatal Massage is an art and a science, for sure. This is a delicate time in a woman's life when everything matters, and yet simultaneously, it's a time of great strength. In any case, it's a time of learning about oneself, as heightened sensitivity lends insight. Pregnancy Massage furthers that process, and can help immensely in such diverse ways, it's almost unbelievable.

Pregnancy Massage Side Lying Position

Our Perinatal Massage Therapists

Our Certified Prenatal Massage Therapists are carefully chosen because they're highly experienced in working with this population, and have also received positive feedback from past prenatal clients. Our Therapists' individual style and training, as well as background and work experience varies, however their dedication to helping expectant Moms feel their best is common to all. We make sure of that when screening our applicants.

Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy offers Certified Prenatal and Perinatal Massage Therapists for in-home Pregnancy Massage, some personally trained by Carole Osborne with Body Therapy Associates, while others learned under other respected teachers. Carole Osborne is the preeminent authority on Prenatal Massage, having begun popularizing this modality decades ago, before it was even a "thing."

Body Therapy Education Carol Osborne

Prenatal massage is an evidence-based hands-on modality; a growing number of studies demonstrate its efficacy for helping pregnant women in a number of significant ways. Massage for women who are pregnant is appropriate during all stages of pregnancy. If you're experiencing complications, it's usually alright, but it does, of course, depend on severity and nature of the issue(s). If you're on bed-rest, however, please consult your ob-gyn or mid-wife before booking. It's likely fine, but you will want the team that will guide your birthing process to approve.

Pregnancy Massage
Image: Prenatal Massage Means Addressing What's Paining You.

Prenatal Massage Offers Many Proven Benefits

Prenatal Massage helps pregnant women maintain wellness during their entire term, and is safe and effective. Pregnancy Massage has been proven to help improve blood and lymphatic flow, aiding the circulatory system. It also eases anxiety and tension for most expectant Moms. Sore muscles, painful ligaments, and stiff joints may also benefit from a session. Prenatal Massage has also been shown to improve birth outcomes, reduce interventions, and decrease the incidence of postpartum depression. Many respected ob/gyn practitioners in New Jersey now recommend, and sometimes even prescribe, Prenatal Massage for their patients.

During the nine months you'll be carrying your baby in your womb, a lot will take place. The obvious outward signs of weight gain, softer skin, a growing tummy, and engorged breasts are just the beginning. The most significant changes occur within. It's essential to eat right, take your prenatal vitamins, get some gentle exercise daily like walking, and stretch out with yoga poses. Don't overdo it. Treasure each day and live love. This is your time!

Massage Pregnant Woman Pre Natal Massage PreNatal Massage Pregnancy Massage In Home

The endocrine system is pumping out hormones that are quite different than before you had become pregnant. Progesterone levels rise, along with others such as Human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (hCG) and Human placental lactogen (hPL). When you're just about ready to give birth, oxytocin, the "caring hormone," helps to dilate and efface the cervix. Hormones do affect perception and how we feel and think. It's no wonder you're feeling sort of different lately!

The circulatory system must work harder, as blood volume increases almost 50% in some cases. The heart responds by increasing in size and moves slightly, applying femoral venous pressure which may result in edema in the legs. The growing baby may press on the bladder, making frequent bathroom trips the new rule. It's an adventure, and comfort isn't always forthcoming. That's why Pregnancy Massage can really help.

Prenatal Yoga
Prenatal Yoga, Eating Healthily, Walking, Staying Hydrated, Prenatal Vitamins, Prenatal Massage: A Good Plan (Image Credit: B Silver. License by CC 3.0)

Pregnancy Massage is a time-tested, proven modality that is recommended by many health professionals. Administered by a skilled and knowledgeable therapist, pre-natal massage is safe and effective. Even if you are confined to bed rest, Pregnancy Massage may help, and is often suggested by obstetricians. There is actually a growing list of studies that demonstrate that Pregnancy Massage, when performed properly by a competent LMT, can help with numerous conditions associated with pregnancy.

Pregnant Woman Having A Massage And Being Stretched

Banishing Pregnancy Pain

During pregnancy, your body changes. Relaxin, a hormone released during pregnancy, helps your ligaments to stretch where necessary. The round ligaments, which support and anchor the uterus on both sides, must stretch to five times their pre-pregnancy length! The round ligaments are responsible for the forward tilt of the uterus during pregnancy. There is also an entire array of ligaments beneath the glutes that also must stetch and conform to the needs of pregnancy and shifting posture, often causing lower back discomfort.

Sciatica can also bring on extreme pain and suffering, and make it difficult to sleep. Likewise, conditions like "lightning crotch," caused by the growing baby exerting pressure on the sciatic nerve, or in some cases the cervix, can cause sharp, shooting pain. And, these are but a few examples of common complaints. Every woman is different, and every pregnancy, even for the same person, can vary immensely.

The postural changes associated with growing a new life inside of you can create pain from the top of the head to the toes. The neck, shoulders, and upper back may hurt. Your mid-back and lower back may pain you. Your hips and thighs may even hurt. It isn't an exaggeration that you may discover muscles you never knew you had, until they hurt during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Massage Helps With Pains!

Induction Massage For Pregnant Women

Induction Massage is a natural attempt to aid a pregnant woman's body, mind, and emotions into relaxing and going with the flow, ultimately inducing contractions, and therefore, labor. This practice is only helpful when a woman is ready to give birth, according to NIH. This practice, unlike all other aspects of Prenatal Massage Therapy, is not yet supported by scientific study and research. However, there are abundant anecdotal accounts suggesting that this is a valid practice, including the successful experiences of our own prenatal massage therapists.

Preliminary data suggests more research is needed, however, many health-conscious New Jerseyans choose to do this, regardless. The plethora of measurable benefits, such as reduced blood pressure, reduced cortisol levels for both Mommy and baby, and much more, of Therapeutic Massage, are still well-worth the effort of having a contraction induction massage immediately prior to the birth process, even if it turns out there is little that can be done to speed induction, based on some hypothetical future research that (obviously) hasn't happened yet. With so many proven benefits, it's a win either way.

Newborn Feet Cradled In Mommy's Hands

We Bring Everything! So, Relax!™

We bring everything necessary for a super-relaxing session in your own space, including specially-made pregnancy pillows so that you may comfortably maintain a prone (on your belly) position, rather than the more common side-lying position during pregnancy, which many women find uncomfortable. (We do have both pillows, so even if you are having trouble lying on your tummy, it's no issue at all.) We also bring aromatherapy oils to scent the room, fire-free LED candles, and relaxing music. All linens are always freshly laundered and are only used for one client, one session.

Pregnant-Nine-Months-In-Front-Of-Stained-Glass-500px Pregnant Woman Massage Massage For Pregnant Women Pregnant Mom  and Her Toddler

Once baby is born, Post-Natal Massage Therapy can play a real role in your recovery. In fact, this is a worldwide tradition dating back millenia; it's both safe and effective. Our postnatal massage page has more details on this service.

Black Pregnant Couple Cherishing Wife's Baby Bump

And, women don't have to be pregnant or nursing to benefit from At-Home Massage Therapy during, or after, pregnancy. We know how difficult it can be to get out to the day spa with a career, family, and busy schedule. Without at-home service, some of our pregnant clients would *never* have the time to have a massage therapy session.

Often, those are our clients MOST in need of relaxation and de-stressing!


Therapeutic massage for pregnant women helps relieve some of the bodily, mental, and emotional stress and strain associated with pregnancy. Specifically, areas commonly addressed include sciatica and sciatic nerve pain, lower back pain, as well as aiding leg and foot circulation, however, this differs for each individual. There's often also strain in the neck and shoulders, due to postural changes.

Pregnant Mom and Babu Hugging Pregnancy Massage Therapy in NJ Pregnancy Massage Sidelying Massage for Pregnant Women

Both new mothers, as well as mothers-to-be, can benefit from the effects of a gentle pre-natal or post-natal massage session. Pregnancy and birth are a unique time in a woman's life, when her body is under a high amount of stress.

The growing baby weighs quite a bit, and puts extra strain on the lower and mid-back. Therapeutic pre-natal massage can relieve pressure on the pelvic joints, as well as other ligaments and muscles affected by the added weight and shifting posture. Therapeutic Massage can help a woman to keep fit during and after pregnancy.

Massage During Pregnancy Pregnant Massage At Home PreNatal Massage At Home Pregnancy Massage Mom Standing

Serving Northern & Central New Jersey: Bergen, Hudson, Somerset, Middlesex, Union, Essex, Morris, Passaic, Monmouth counties, as well as New York City (Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx)

Gift Certificates also available. A sweet and thoughtful gift for your pregnant wife, Mom, aunt, co-worker, neighbor, or friend who enjoys massage. If you're not sure, drop hints. Most love massage therapy, though it's best to find out in advance if this is so with your particular loved one or friend.

We suggest calling to book because nothing is better than talking with a live, knowledgeable person when it concerns pregnancy massage. However, if you'd rather purchase quickly and easily online right now, click the Contact Us/Book Now button at the top right of this page. Choose the number of sessions you are interested in and follow the system prompts. If you are planning to pay by PayPal, credit card, e-Check, or Debit Card, you may do so on our secure site, or we can process the order over the phone.

Pregnant Mom 9 Months and Her Toddler Girl Pregnant Mommy and Her Babies





Please click on the '@ Contact Us' button at bottom-left to access our inquiry form, or use the button at the top of this page. Feel free to also call us at 877 480 8038 for more information or to book an appointment.

Cash, PayPal, CashApp, GooglePay, Credit Cards, and Gift Certificates accepted. Insurance plans accepted: County / Municipal Health Care Plans (NJ), Independent Health Flex Fit, Preferred Care, No-Fault with Authorization

Note: We offer *strictly* therapeutic massage therapy. We do *NOT* offer as€nsual u'massage', in any form.


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